Who Needs a Walk In Tub?


Why should I change my regular tub for a walk in one? That´s the question many people are asking and we are here to clarify the reason for you.

You need to know the difference between both models and what are they for.

Regular tubs can be a danger for someone with any disability issue because of the effort the person has to make to step inside of it. It is also dangerous for the elderly because they might slip and fall.

So that´s why you should change your regular tub for a walk in tub; it is much safer.

What are the advantages of having walking tubs?

If you have suffered any kind of accident that for some reason had compromised your balance when it comes to standing up, a walk in tub is perfect for you. If will offer you security thanks to its strategically placed accessories like handle bars and doors.

The doors are designed for the users do not step inside the tub like the regular ones, that´s why it is safer.

We know what a struggle it is for anyone with sore muscles, for example, to step in a tub, now think about someone who´s had an accident; it´s not only painful but also almost impossible.

But if walk in tubs are perfect for the disabled ones, what about wheel chairs? If you are disabled try to get Medicare before

Don´t worry about that, because some walk in tubs are designed to integrate your wheel chair.

The person won´t have to stand up or do anything, they may just need to push a few buttons to have the bath or their dreams, or shower. There are also walk in tubs will showers, and they can be wall mounted, handheld showers and so on; it is up to your taste and comfort.

What features a walk in tub can offer?                    

A walk in tub can offer you the maximum when it comes to bathing.

They have amazing features like air jets which provide a gentle massage and are excellent for relieving stress and for people with sensitive skin or conditions which may result in pain from the more aggressive water jets.

They are great for sore muscles either. Now, of you are worried about space, don´t be!

There are walk in tub for all sizes of bathrooms and they are not more expensive than regular tubs.

Having a walking tub at home will make you or the person with any kind of disability, to feel confident and independent.

These types of tub are for secure and perfect for disabled and elders, that the person will be able to live in their own home, avoiding an assisted living facility.

Conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, circulatory conditions, or various injuries can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of these types of tubs.

Don´t wait any longer and start enjoying your bath safely and comfortably. Bath by yourself and spend those precious minutes relaxing without bothering anyone.