What is a Walk In Tub? The Differences Between A Normal Tub

What is a Walk In Tub?

You have probably heard someone talking about a walk in tub; or saw a commercial on T.V. But what is a walk in tub? And what makes it different from regular tubs?

A walk in tub is perfect for people suffering from any disease or disability, such as arthritis, chronic pain, or anyone who needs a wheel chair.

A walk in tub will make your life easier when it comes to preventing accidents. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a walk in tub, you will try to clarify any doubts you may have.

But what makes walk in tubs so special?

Like we´ve mentioned before, they were specially designed for people with any kind of disability because these people tend to lose their balance, for example when stepping into a tub. 

Elderly people also have difficult when it comes to tubs, because they may fall while trying to get into the tub. And, if you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, there are walk in tub designed to transfer the individual from the wheelchair to the tub.

There are two types of walk-in tubs; portable and free standing. The only difference is that the portable walk in tub can be transported to wherever you´d like.

Why the walk in tub is so easy to get into?

Starting with its door; yes, you´ve read right, these tubs have doors. And, you can choose between a door which opens inward or outward; to the left or to the right.

And to walk in is very simple and safe; just open the door, get in, sit down and latch it. You are probably worried about the door; but don´t be, because walk in tub´s door are designed to seal shut so no water will escape.

Plus, you have some disability which is affecting your muscles, there are walk in tubs designed especially for you. If that´s the case, you might want to choose a walk in tub equipped with an easy latch. That latch is absolutely easy to use; it won´t hurt and you won´t have to struggle.

Some walk in tubs also come with seat, which will make any user to feel comfortable and relaxed, preventing he or she from falling or sliding.

If you want something fancy, some tubs have sits just like the one in cars, including a belt! You will have to choose the between the material that it is made of, which are two types; fiberglass and acrylic.

There are a few model of walk in tubs, which are Air Bath, Bathtub, Combo Massage, and Whirlpool. It doesn´t matter which one you choose, they are safe and comfortable.

Resuming; these tub normaly is for the ones with balance issue or too fragile to stand by their selves, but once you have a walk in tub in your home, you can be relaxed because no accidents will happen when it comes to falling and other things that may hurt you or your loved ones. Check out the Premier Care Review