Walk in tub with Shower


You know how practical and safe a walk in tub is for elders, kids and people with disability issues. Thanks to its front or side door, the entrance will be easy and safe. But, what could be better than just a walk in tub?

Definitely a walk in tub with a shower! That would be perfect, because you would have all the safety from the walk in tub plus you would enjoy a relaxing showering while sitting or standing. This article will help you to pick the best walk in tub with shower for you.

What is a walk in tub with shower?

Like said before, a walk in tub is designed for anyone with disability problems; people who can´t step in a regular tub because it could be dangerous; the person may lose her or his balance.

So walk in tubs were designed to offer security to these people, adding a door which opens and closes so the person just walks inside the tub like if walking inside a room.

And the walk in tub with shower will have a shower which could be and handheld shower, wall mounted, or whatever you choose. The person will able to come inside the tub, close its door and turn on the shower.

What are the advantages of a walk in tub with shower?

By now you probably got the idea behind a walk in tube with shower.

It is perfect for elders because it is safe and they will be able to bath by themselves because everything was designed to offer comfort and facilities.

Walk in tub with shower come equipped with handrails, seats and texture pads, so you or your loved one will keep your head above the water.

These walk in tubs with shower don´t have sliding doors which are dangerous because they were not designed to support a person´s weight in case you fall.

How do I find the best walk in tub with shower for me? How much will it cost me, and where can I buy one?

That´s not an easy job considering all the options available on the market right now, but we are here to try to help you with that.

First, think about what you need; consider options like combo massage and air Spa. Also think carefully about the size of the tub you want to buy; you will find tubs with 28 inch by 48 inch, or 32 inch by 60 inch. Think about the size of your bathroom and about the money you can spend, because obviously price will be according to the size.

From $2000,000 up to $9000,00 you will be able to purchase a walk in tub with shower.

These tubs are available online, on Amazon for example, where you can read customers ´reviews. Installation must be done by a professional, but in case you don´t have the time and money for it, consider buying a portable walk in tub with shower. Good luck and buy wisely.