Walk in Tub Cost and Installation Prices


If you are looking for a walk in tub, you are probably aware of its benefits and advantages.

You may be looking for yourself or for someone else with any kind of disability, and we are here to help you with that decision.

When it comes to walk in tubs, the best thing to do first is search for prices and, the most important thing, about installation.

In case you didn´t know, walk in tubs need professional installation, and we are here to discuss prices, materials, styles and much more about walk in tubs.

Tubs prices

Let´s start talking about money. You will be able to buy a good walk in tub starting with $1000 going up. Because there are so many models and manufactures, you will find walk in tubs for many prices, but if you pay less than $1000 don´t expect too much of it.

Of course you can find, for example, a walk in tub for $12,000, but then you will have to prepare yourself to have the best bathing experience and in absolutely safety. Resuming, you can purchase a top of the line walk in tub from $3000 to $5000.

Installation price

After buying your new walk in tub, or even better, before buying it, you need to find out about its installation. Walk in tubs require professional installation, unless it is a portable model, so you will need to spend extra money on that.

But, some tubs may sound too expensive compared to other models, but sometimes they are actually not, because installation is included in the price. So, to pay $7000 on a premier care walk in tub may have more advantages than paying $1000 and have to pay to install it, and the price for installation is more or less $3000. You can check the Medicare post too.

Materials and accessories

All walk in tubs are usually made of acrylic or fiber glass and both are great. It is really up to you to decide which one suits your needs better.

Some walk in tubs have a seat, so if you have someone in your home which can´t stand for a long time, or lose their balance, make sure to buy a tub with a seat.

Make sure that the walk in tub you are thinking about buying have a grip bar because it you give you or your loved one more confident.

A tub is a tub, but you can add accessories like a handheld shower head that can be wall mounted. Make you bath time an amazing experience!

You know that walk in tubs have doors, that´s why they are much safer than regular tubs, and some doors will have inward opening, and others doors swing outward.

That´s why it also important to think about the size of your bathroom before getting a walk in tub.

The sizes range from about 36″-60″ in length with the mid-range being about 48″-51″ long, so if you don’t have much space make sure to buy a small size tub.