Safe Step Tub Walk in Tub Review


If you have children or elderly at home, you know how worried you get when it comes to bathing. It also very dangeorus and difficult for people with any kind of disability.

And, thinking about all those difficulties faced on a daily basis, Safe Step Tub has created the most safe and comfortable for everyone.

Safe Step Tub is a company which started in 2001 and since then has provided safe bathing facilities for resort and hotel´s guests. And nowadays it is considered the largest providers of walk in tubs for homes, thanks to its affordable price and high quality.

Now let´s talk more about Safe Step Tub. They are all have a surface which is slip proof, so everyone will be safe inside of it. When it comes to standard bathtubs, installing them, especially in hotels, take time and a lot of work.

But the Safe Step Tub installation is so simple that don´t even notice it.

There are three different types of Safe Step Tub, but they all have features like an in-line water heater, controls easy to reach, a step-up of under four inches, a shower hand that can be held, a locking handle that can easily be operated by anyone, a bathtub seat 17 inches high that is anti-slip and a surface that is easy to clean.

You will be able to install a Safe Step Tub where used to be another tub.

It is extremely important, when it comes to safety, the temperature of the water. Safe Step Tub has a technology which keeps the water from getting so hot that can burn you.

They also come with a wider door, so to get in and out will be easy in case it need to be done fast; it has an ozone cleaning system; anti-slip seat and floor; grass bars for more safety and purge jets.

As you´ve mentioned before, walk in tubs are a better options for children or people with disabilities, and that´s why Safe Step Tub also sells walk in showers.

The three different models of tubs come with Air Jet Therapy, also known as Gentle Jet, Hydro-Jet Therapy and a Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System. The Air Jet Therapy Systems has 10 water jets and 16 bubble streams that provide relaxing foot, back and leg massages. What else could you ask in a tub?

When it comes to prices, it varies from tub to tub. But, if you take a look around, you will notice that other companies sell tubs similar to the one made by Safe Step Tub more expensive. If buy a tub from Safe Step Tub you will pay 40 or 50 % less.

You can buy them online accessing their website where you will be able to see all the products and information or you can contact them by phone on this number 1-877-415-6780.Their corporate office can be found at 1650 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. 5, Nashville, TN 37210. You won´t regret buying any of their tubs!