Premier Care Bathing Review


We are a walk in tubs manufacture which started in 1985 as family business worried about making bath safer and more comfortable for senior citizens, elderly and people with disabilities.

Having this idea in mind, you have become a Premier Care in Bathing.

We are the only company making and selling walk in tubs which takes care of our customers from the moment they purchase our tub to installation and beyond.

With this article you will introduce you to three of our walk in tubs; Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub, Classic Walk-In Bathtubs and Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs.

Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub

This is our original model and one of the favorites between our customers. The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub is a simple tub, not complicated, easy to use and very efficient.

If you are looking for a low easy access to the tub, this one is perfect. This model comes with a few optional features such as shower canopy, shower with an adjustable shower head, and the Hydrovescent Therapy system.

The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub includes the basics when it comes to a high quality walk in tub, which is easy entry, wide door, safety handle, comfortable, slip-resistant seat and backrest, compact size, ambidextrous door, and our guaranteed, leak free design.

Classic Walk-In Bathtubs

If you want a relaxing bath in a deep tub, then you will love our Classic Walk-In Bathtubs.
This model includes two styles, both featuring slip resistant to allow drenched in complete comfort and safety.

Our seat will allow you to stand safely and exit without the risk of falling. Hydrovescent Therapy which is optional will help you with aches and pains, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And the shower wand is absolutely adaptable for any sizer bather, so don´t worry about how tall you are.

Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs

Let us introduce you to the two models of our Powered Walk-In Bath Tubs; The Empower and The Momentum.

The Empower is perfect for people who can´t stand by their own thanks to its power lift chair.

All you have to do is to fill the tub with water, sit on the lift chair and voila; enjoy your bath. And the seat is slip-resistant so just relax.

Once you push the button and the power seat will slowly lower into the tub. When you finish your bath, just drain the water and push the button.

Now let´s talk about our Momentum walk in tub.

This walk in tub was designed thinking about what a doctor would recommend for a person with extremely limited mobility. Its power lift chair will lift you comfortably.

You will be safe to take your relaxing bath and you will feel like you are in a SPA thanks to its energizing spa jets to soothe and stimulate.

If safety is what you are looking for, don´t wait any longer to have one of our baths; your choice will be worth every penny. We wish you good luck!