Review: Larmco Walk in Tubs


Larmco walk in tubs are the perfect choice for you who is looking for safety, high quality and affordability. Larmco walk in tub are perfect for those with disability and for the elderly.

They will offer a secure way to get out of the tub making you or your loved one to feel independent and confident.

Nowadays, tub are usually a little too deep, which is good because makes you feel relaxed but, it can be very dangerous and difficult to get out of it.

But with a  Larmco Walk in Tub you won´t have that problem.

Why is it so good?

A Larmco Walk in Tub has many features which make it so safe and secure adding style and making you feel relaxed.

These features are: High purge jets;  fast release drain; anti-scald technology; anti-slip floor, seat and grip bars; mounted door has numerous installation options; an aluminum frame that is long lasting and durable; door is doubled sealed and comes with lifetime warranty; lower threshold reducing the danger of falling and slipping.

Larmco Walk in Tubs are made from 100% solid surface composite that is easy to clean and its water temperatures remain constant with innovative heat system Trademarked locking handle for stress-free and safe exit and entry.

It also has six supporting levels and a solid steel frame for optimum support; ozone sanitizer which destroys most bacteria that are associated with diseases and it is bigger than the average model on the market offering comfortable bathing.

Health Benefits

What kind of health benefits could come from a tub?

You are probably asking yourself that, and well, we can tell you that when it comes to a Larmco, there are a lot of benefits. When it comes to soaking in a walk in tub, it can be a relaxing therapeutic experience for the elderly and the disabled.

Water has many amazing properties which will relieve pressure on muscles, will increase circulation, and you give a sense of lightness making you feel relaxed all day long, or sleep like an angel. But, if you have a Larmco, then that´s a different story.

The Larmco Safe-Step Walk-In-Tub is the top of the line in the market.

They all have patented arthritis relief and are unmatched to safety and comfort.

Plus, they have an advantage safety technology. 

If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, arthritis, diabetes, low back pain, muscle, joint & nerve issues and other diseases similar to those, then don´t wait any longer to have your Larmco Walk in Tub.  

Larmco Walk in Tubs installations is simples and there´s no need to remodel your bathroom. They have professional installation and everything will be clean.

Warranty is also great; for the tub and the door seal you will have a lifetime warranty. You can find these tubs in some of the Larmco´s stores. We hope this article help you with your choice, and we can assure you that Larmco Walk in Tubs are safe and one of the bests available on the market.