Jacuzzi Walk in Tub Review


When you hear someone saying that has a Jacuzzi, or needs to install a Jacuzzi, instinctively you picture a hot tub; and that´s because the brand Jacuzzi is the most hot tub in the world.

That´s why use the words “hot tub” and “Jacuzzi” synonymously.

The history of the Jacuzzi industry starts in 1960 when it was created the first walk in tub with Jacuzzi. But, it was in 1968 that the first Jacuzzi tub was manufactured for the first time by the Jacuzzi brothers after they have already invented a portable type of hydrotherapy pump.

The idea behind the production of The Jacuzzi tub came from the Jacuzzi brothers who wanted to provide comfort and security to a family member who suffered arthritis.

They thought who could offer some relief through hydrotherapy. And, hydrotherapy was used for the first time in a whirlpool type bathtub, made and marketed by Roy Jacuzzi, who is a Jacuzzi family member form the third generation and this happened twelve years after the pump was invented.

Features such as large sized tubs, water filtrations and others, have been incorporated to the into The Jacuzzi walk in tubs.

But it was only in 1980 that the first hot water tub suitable for outdoor installation was developed for the first time.

Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs

Jacuzzi walk in tubs with water jets started to be sold right next. These tub had hydrotherapy pumps that sucked the water contained inside the tub through pipes and recycled it back into the tub by means of jets.

The only goal of using water jets in the Jacuzzi was to provide massaging effect to the person bathing, which would help to relieve any kind of muscle´s pain.

Thanks to technological advancements, Jacuzzi have become not only the best band because of its design, but now also because of its features.

The water jets, which were positioned in just one direction, now can move according to the user´s needs, providing massaging effect to different parts of the body. People who use hydrotherapy will know experience also therapeutic effects and will feel free from pain caused by injuries, illnesses and disabilities, for a longer time.

Resuming, as you and the whole world knows, Jacuzzi is not only known and loved because of its modern and stylish walk in tub, but because of it impeccable high quality products.


So, because of that, you can´t expect to pay less for a Jacuzzi.

They are made with top of the line materials and are a last long product. If you are thinking about getting a Jacuzzi, you will have to pay around 4000$ – 4500$ for a basic model.

A lot of types, models, materials and designs are available in the market nowadays, so it will be easy to find one that suits your needs.

You have someone suffering from blood circulation problems or someone who is experiencing muscular tension, don´t wait any longer and buy yourself a Jacuzzi walk in tub.