Independent Home Walk in Tubs


Independent Home is a manufacture of walk in tubs that have been helping people since 2002, thanks to its high-quality product.

Independent Home worries with nothing more than with the client´s wishes; and that´s why they create whatever molds their clients want.

They use fiberglass over mold as well as around the frame; and after that they apply fiberglass with gel coat.


Did you think about the type of tub that you want? It doesn´t matter if it is Cube, Celebrity, Acrylic, Imperial or Supreme; Independent Home has all of them.

These tubs weigh around 200-500 pounds and you can easily replace your existing tub. Independent Home has a quality compromise with is customers and only sells high quality and durable tubs, perfect for all types of people, respecting their needs.


After this introduction, you are probably dying to know how much you will pay for a Independent Home product.

Of course, like any other product, the price varies from one tub to another and from what you want. To know exactly how much you will pay for your dream tub, you will have to speak directly to a representative of the company.

When it comes to installation, it is the same; you will have to speak directly to the company to receive a quote. Independent Home works with affordable tubs; but you won´t find any tub extremely cheap, because all tubs are made of high quality materials. When it comes to warranty, you won´t have to worry, because Independent Home´s tub come with a great warranty.

Different from companies which warranties work only for a certain time, Independent Home´s tubs come with lifetime warranty. If you think about, that´s a great deal.

Whatever goes wrong with your tub, warranty will cover it.

And, just to finish this subject, we want you to know that having one of tub for Independent Home installed, is a one-day job; which means that from the day you´ve bought your tub, it will be installed in your bathroom within one day.

The assistance that they provide when it comes to installing these walk in tubs are amazing and if you have any question they solved always was they can.


You can buy a Independent Home tub online or in specialized stores.

If you decide to buy your tub online, all you have to do is fill out a short form, or call them, and someone from the company will contact you. 

The company´s factory is located in Long Island, New York, which means their products are made in America. You can visit their website for more information, and you will be able to see all the products available, plus read complete information about them.

You can also call the company on this phone 1.888.313.8827. We hope this article help you with your choice. We wish you good luck and always buy wisely.