Envy Walk in Tubs Review


If you are looking for healthy living solutions, especially if you have someone with mobility issues in your home, the best manufacture to assist you nowadays is Envy Walk in Tubs.

This company has been pleasing customers for years, and it is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Envy Walk in Tubs only uses high quality materials so we can assure you that you will have a top pf the line walk in tub in your home.

Envy Walk in Tubs are assembled by hand, which means each tub will be perfect! It is a strong walk in tub, and easy to install.

These walk in tubs are not only comfortable for those with disability, but also very practical. Thanks to its countered seat, getting up and down will be easy.

It also features an ergonomic door handle which will help you to open and close the door with ease.

Do you know what chromotherapy is? This feature helps you to relax with variable colors of light, and is available on the Envy Walk in Tubs.

When it comes to walk in tubs, a no leak door is extremely important, and Envy Walk in Tubs have not only that, but also a sealing system which provides a watertight seal.

Envy offers eighteen different models of walk in tub to their customers. They are all equipped with Air and Hydro Therapy Jet System which makes them very therapeutics. They also come with six hydrotherapy jets and twenty-one air jets to for you to have the best bathing experience of your life with safety and comfort.

Another feature that some models of Envy have is the bidet jet which will make you feel fresh and relaxed during your soak. These tubs also come with safety bar for you do not slide and the deck mounted hand held shower long enough for you to sit while bathing.

Another plus about these tubs is that you can stay inside of them as long as you want, and the water you be always warm, thanks to its inline heat system.

And, you will be able to control the temperature, the air and hydrotherapy from a touch pad control panel. Envy definitely thinks about everything when comes to walk in tubs.

All models feature a towel rack located on the outside of the entry door, so your towel will always where you can reach it!

Now, if you got interested in these tubs, you are probably wondering about their price. Well, prices vary according to features, but can pay $1,999.99 for the Envy Soaker Small Walk-in Tub for example, or $3,599.99 for the Envy Jetted Cove Walk-in Tub.

Envy will offer you a ten year warranty and a life time warranty on the door seal. You can buy your own Envy online on their website or at their facility which is located at 2340 W. Broadway Ste. 103 in Mesa, Arizona 85202. We hope this article help you with your choice.