Does Medicare Pay for Walk In Tubs ?


If you are thinking about getting a walk in tub, you are probably wondering if Medicare pays for the installation and all costs of a walk in tub. Well, unfortunately they don´t.

Now you must be asking yourself why they do not pay for a walk in tub for seniors or someone with any kind of disability.

The main reason is that Medicare does not consider these types of tubs appropriate, secure and comfortable enough for seniors who need special care when it comes to bathing. They only provide monetary support in some rare cases.

But there are some options to help people manage the cost of buying a walk in tub.

What it means to install a walk in tub?

To install a walk in tub results in a few modifications of your bathroom, and those modifications that Medicare is not willing to cover. So, to install a walk in tub you will have to change a few things; you will have to adapt your bathroom.

What does Medicare pay for?

Medicare usually pays for a few items considered as durable equipment. For example, they pay for a bed which is specially designed to look and work as a hospital bed; they pay for special chairs; some patients can´t stand by their selves so they need a lift, which Medicare pays for, and they also pay for special commodes.

All these changes and objects will help seniors to use a shower or tub safe.

When can one be a beneficiary?

To be a Medicare beneficiary is not very simple but, if you want to try, you might need to do a few things to prove your disability or someone else´s. probably a medical diagnosis will be needed, as well as a medical report proving the diagnosis, or a prescription written by a registered physician.

Diagnosis and prescription will prove the need for a special walk in tub.

What might go wrong?

Even if you have all the authentic documents asked for the Medicare, it is not guaranteed that Medicare will provide you assistance.

So, the best thing to do is to look for a walk in tub which you can afford by yourself, without needing the Medicare support. It means you should not expect that you will get the support you need form the Medicare just because you have all the documents to prove that you need that help.

Costs of getting walk in tubs

These tubs are not cheap, but it varies. For example, for the common ones you will pay from $1,500 to $3,000 more or less.

But, if you need a tub with wheel chair accessibility you will pay a little more, they will cost you something like $3.500, $5000.

Like we said before, the price varies according to its material, for example; you can choose an acrylic tub or a fiberglass tub.

Also, you have to consider the installation which you will have to pay for because it is not simple for you to do it by yourself. You will pay from $500 to $5000.