Premier Care Bathing Review

We are a walk in tubs manufacture which started in 1985 as family business worried about making bath safer and more comfortable for senior citizens, elderly and people with disabilities. Having this idea in mind, you have become a Premier Care in Bathing. We are the only company making and selling walk in tubs which … Read more

Best tips to buy a walk in tub

If you are thinking about buying a walk in tub, there are a lot of aspects you have to consider before buying one. There are a lot of different models available on the market nowadays, so you may feel a little lost and confused. First, you need to think about your need; who is going … Read more

Does Medicare Pay for Walk In Tubs ?

If you are thinking about getting a walk in tub, you are probably wondering if Medicare pays for the installation and all costs of a walk in tub. Well, unfortunately they don´t. Now you must be asking yourself why they do not pay for a walk in tub for seniors or someone with any kind … Read more

A Guide to the Best Handicap Bathtub

Looking for a bathtub perfect, safe and comfortable for someone with any kind of disability? This article is here to help you with that. We know that the worse part of getting into a tub is to step in. It could be simple for someone with no disability, but could be very dangerous for anyone … Read more

Walk in Tub Cost and Installation Prices

If you are looking for a walk in tub, you are probably aware of its benefits and advantages. You may be looking for yourself or for someone else with any kind of disability, and we are here to help you with that decision. When it comes to walk in tubs, the best thing to do … Read more

Independent Home Walk in Tubs

Independent Home is a manufacture of walk in tubs that have been helping people since 2002, thanks to its high-quality product. Independent Home worries with nothing more than with the client´s wishes; and that´s why they create whatever molds their clients want. They use fiberglass over mold as well as around the frame; and after … Read more

What is a Walk In Tub? The Differences Between A Normal Tub

You have probably heard someone talking about a walk in tub; or saw a commercial on T.V. But what is a walk in tub? And what makes it different from regular tubs? A walk in tub is perfect for people suffering from any disease or disability, such as arthritis, chronic pain, or anyone who needs … Read more

Who Needs a Walk In Tub?

Why should I change my regular tub for a walk in one? That´s the question many people are asking and we are here to clarify the reason for you. You need to know the difference between both models and what are they for. Regular tubs can be a danger for someone with any disability issue … Read more