Ariel Walk In Tubs


If you are looking for a Ariel Walk-in tub you are probably aware that these types of tubs were designed to give the elderly and the disabled more comfort and security.

Nowadays there are an infinite number of companies making various types of walk in tubs, which make it difficult for the customer to choose between them.

That´s why you need to look carefully about reviewing the products and companies available. What we all customers want in common is definitely to find a high quality walk on tub for an affordable price.

And that´s why we are to introduce you to Ariel Walk In Tubs.

But, you need to know that you´ll be able to find Ariel Walk In Tubs in many companies which provide support of its selling, but there are many things that set each one apart from one another.

But what is Ariel Walk In Tubs?

Ariel Bath is a company known worldwide for selling the best in toilets, vanities and baths tubs for more than 25 years.

Ariel Bath has many types of baths available with different features and options like facet choices, door or no door option, and two options of color; white or chrome.

And these walk in tubs are separated in three sections, which are Dual Series, Soaker Series and Air Series. We´ll talk more about each other below.

Ariel Dual Series Walk In Tubs

All Dual Series of Ariel Bath have features like easy entry and exit, 17 inch seat height and 23 inches in width, and an ADA compliant for individual that are handicapped. This model is absolutely secure and comfortable for anyone with disability issues.

Dual Series tubs are made of acrylic, which is an easy cleaning material and extremely resistant, and they come equipped with 6 adjustable whirlpool jets and 2 HP heat pumps and an electric water pump motor.

The price varies from store to store, but you can buy one of these for around $2,473.99.

Ariel Air Series Walk In Tubs

First of all, this is called an Air Series because it is equipped with an electric air pump which operates the tub that holds 50 gallons. Thanks to this feature, these tubs will definitely please everyone; form the elderly who just want a relaxing bath, to your kid who needs safety when it comes to bathing.

The price varies from $2,002.99 to $2,539.99 depending on its features.

Ariel Soaker Series Walk In Tubs

This model is different from the two above, because it comes equipped with door and latch with an interior design equipped for the comfort and relaxation of taking a relaxing bath. And, most important, this model is absolutely secure and offers independency to its users.

You can leave your kid, someone with disability or a bathing without worrying. That´s the good thing when it comes to walk in tubs, specially Ariel Bath´s models.

This model is available for $1,701/2400, which makes it much cheaper than the Dual and Air Series.