Choosing between Acrylic Tubs vs. Fiberglass Tubs


How great it is to be at work feeling stressed, and know that you have a nice hot tub waiting for you in your bathroom? A tub washes away all the stress and worries we have carried along the day. But, of course, it has to be a good tub, and the type of tub that fits your needs. It´s usefulness to have a tub which doesn´t satisfies you, or for some reason is not exactly what you were looking for. With this article we will help to choose between an acrylic tub and a fiber glass tub; pointing their differences and why you should get one of those.

 Common Tub Materials

Nowadays tubs are made of a lot of different materials, but, the most common ones are acrylic and fiberglass. And there is a reason why these two are everyone´s favorites; that´s because of their versatility. Fiberglass and acrylic tubs can be used in any bathroom, which mean they match many decors and designs, because they come in different colors, shapes and textures. And of course, they are both great but have their differences. First we will talk about both types of tubs, and then about their differences and similarities.

Acrylic Tubs

Many people prefer acrylic tubs for many good reasons. First, because they last long, its material is very resistant and they are free from scratches. Second, they are very practical and easy to clean, because they don´t get dirty easily to begin with and they look shiny all the time. But, with all those qualities, of course acrylic tubs are more expensive comparing to other materials, including fiberglass.

Fiberglass tubs

If you are looking for an affordable but yet a durable tub, then the fiberglass tub might be the best option for you. Don´t let its name fool you; these types of tubs tend to be hard and very resistant. But what is a fiberglass tub actually made of? It is made of tiny interwoven glass strings. Now, what is wrong with fiberglass tubs? Well, is not a big deal, but when it comes to its look, they are not as durable and good looking as the acrylic ones. Their color usually fades away easily and they are less resistant to scratches. But, if you treat them nice and clean them whenever you can, they will last for a long time.


Well, we have discussed their differences above, now let´s talk about what they have in common. If you look at the two tubs, you couldn´t tell the difference, because they are very similar. They are both plastic molded and the acrylic tubs have fiberglass in them. Both are also known and loved for their durability, beauty and their easy installation. They don´t need high maintenance; they are simple. They can also be clean easily, you won´t need specific products or anything like that.

How to choose the best Walk in Tub?

Like we´ve said before, both tubs are great, but they have their small differences. It is up to you to decide which one will look better in your bathroom, for example. We can assure you that both are durable and you won´t regret buying one of them.